Pllt-Making Process


“We like to use wood pellets because we know we’re helping the environment. It makes us feel like we’re doing our small part to save future trees from being cut down for firewood.”
Wayne & Mary Lou

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Our Product

Wood Pellet Fuel

Wood pellets are an excellent primary or secondary heating source. They are clean burning, environmentally safe, and are a recyclable energy. Pellets are approximately 1 to 1 ½ ” long and ¼” in diameter. They smell pleasant and are clean and smooth. Wood pellets are easy to use. Simply pour the pellets from your 40 lb. bag directly into your stove’s hopper. Remember to store the pellets in a dry area. Read how we make our wood pellets.

When building a fire, you will notice that pellets are easier to start than traditional chopped wood which is usually wet. That’s because our pellets have a superior BTU heating value and are low in moisture content. They’re also long lasting. Another plus is that bags of pellets stack compactly in much less space than a cord of wood.

As a guide, one 40 lb. bag will normally heat a 1,500 sq. ft. home for one day. To determine the amount of pellets you will need, consider these factors: the size of your home, the outside temperature, the amount of insulation in your home, and the desired amount of heat you prefer. After a simple trial period, you will easily find out just how many bags of pellets you will use and will be able to stock up for the winter.

Finally, pellets are much more economical than propane and are good for the environment–not to mention the easy clean-up due to the low ash content and the fact that you will no longer have an aching back from chopping wood!

Take advantage of this natural fuel source and buy American-made premium hardwood fuel pellets today. OHP’s pellets are available in many states. Contact us if you want a retailer in your area to carry our product.

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Why Use Wood Pellets?

No more chopping wood!
Saves Money – much cheaper than propane
Saves Trees by recycling sawdust
No more frozen insects or messy bark in your home
An economical, natural fuel source
Burns quickly due to low moisture
Easier to start a fire
Cleaner – pellets leave very little ash after burning
Reduces the need for foreign oil
Sold in convenient 40 lb. bags

Pellets vs. Propane

Given the daily increases in oil and our dependency on other countries for fuel, we believe it makes sense to use American-made fuel products. OHP’s premium hardwood pellet fuel will provide enough heat to keep you very warm, while at the same time, will help improve and save our environment. Remember, wood pellets are made from recycled sawdust, so they are eliminating the need for future trees to be cut down simply to burn wood.

Safe and clean, wood pellets are cost effective, too. In fact, the annual cost of pellets in many parts of the country is 2 ½ times LOWER than propane! One 40 lb. bag of our pellet fuel equals approximately 2.5 gallons of oil. As you see in the news, oil prices fluctuate daily and seem to only be going higher.

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