Pllt-Making Process


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“Thank you, OHP, for such a high-quality pellet. They are very uniform in size, unlike others we’ve used in the past. We’ve also noticed they burn longer than other pellets.”
Chris, Wichita, KS

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Pellet FAQ’s

Q. What is used to make wood pellets?
A. Pellets are 100% natural and are made from sawdust and de barked and chipped non-merchantable timer. They have no additives, chemicals or perfumes added in the process.

Q. Why should I use wood pellets to heat my home?
A. OHP believes it makes sense to use American Made fuel products, especially given the daily increase in oil prices and our dependency on foreign countries for fuel. Pellets are extremely cost effective and are also better for the environment in CO2 reduction. Pellets stoves create a warm consistent dry heat for your home.

Q. What are the benefits of pellets vs. propane?
A. Cost is a big benefit. The annual cost of pellets in many parts of the country is 2 ½ times LOWER than propane! One 40 lb. bag of our pellet fuel equals approximately 2.5 gallons of oil when comparing heat value. As you see in the news, oil prices fluctuate greatly and seem to be going higher almost daily. Another benefit is you are buying American Made products and a greater value. Check out your savings at www.pelletheat.org/pellets/compare-fuel-costs/

Q. What are the benefits of pellets vs. wood?
A. Here are just a few: #1 you don’t have to chop wood! #2 they are much cheaper than propane #3 it’s easier to start a fire with pellets because they’re dryer than wood; #4 they don’t have bark or frozen ants on them #5 they are simple to use #6 they are sold nationwide #7 you won’t have an aching back from chopping wood and #8 pellets are better for the environment!
Need we say more?!

Q. How big are the pellets?
A. They are approximately 1 ½ inches long and ¼ inch in diameter. They are smooth to the touch and virtually dust-free.

Q. What makes them stick together if you don’t use additives or plastics?
A. Good question. Lignin (which is a natural binding agent from the tree itself) combined with the high pressure from the pellet mill as the pellet is pushed through the mill, holds the pellets together.

Q. Where can I buy the pellets?
A. Our pellets are sold nationwide. Please contact us to find a store near you.

Q. Will one pellet stove heat my entire house?
A. On average, one 40 lb. bag of wood pellets will heat a 1,500 sq. ft. home for one or two days—depending on whether the pellets are your primary or secondary heating source. The amount you use will also depend on other factors such as how much heat you prefer, the amount of insulation in your home, the outside temperature, and so on. Some people use pellets as their primary heating source while others use it as secondary heat.

Q. Where should I store the pellets?
A. Store them in a dry area, and since they are packaged in convenient 40 lb. bags you may stack them several feet high so you won’t need a great deal of storage space for a winter‘s worth of pellets.

Q. What is the actual process of making pellets?
A. The sawdust is kept in a dry enclosed building then it is placed into a “hopper” and fed to a screening and hammer mill process to ensure consistent sawdust for our drying process. We then convey the sawdust to the dryer to remove any unneeded moisture and then to the pellet mills to be formed into pellets. Once the pellets are formed they are cooled down and screened prior to going into the bag. The bags are then stacked by our robot 50 bags to a pallet, then a pallet cover and shrink wrap is add to help protect the product from the weather.

Q. Can I put them in my regular fireplace or wood stove?
A. Unfortunately, no. You will need a wood pellet stove but if you don’t already have one, the savings you will realize in heating your home will more than pay for the stove. Some companies do offer converters which may be placed in fireplace inserts. Please check with your local hardware store or on the web to see if this option will work for you.

Q. Do I need a chimney for my pellet stove?
A. No. Since the pellets are so efficient, the stoves do not need a chimney. All you need to do is vent them outdoors with a 4” pipe through an outside wall. So, choose the room you congregate in, place the stove in that room, and enjoy the ease and warmth of pellet heat! You’ll also enjoy watching the flames—and the fact that there is very little ash to clean.

Q. Have you tested them?
A. Absolutely! OHP is one of the few Pellet Manufactures that actually has a in house testing lab. To confirm our results we send our product to a third party laboratory, Twin Ports Testing which is an approved testing company by the Pellet Fuels Institute. We pride ourselves on providing quality and environmentally friendly products.

Q. Does your company belong to any professional organizations that monitor/approve wood pellets?
A. Yes, we’re a proud member of the Pellet Fuels Institute.

Q. Where is Ozark Hardwood Products located?
A. OHP is located in the Midwest. Our plant is in Seymour, Missouri. We take pride in our state-of-the-art facility, complete with a robot. We also enjoy providing jobs in our rural community and strongly believe in making American-made products that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Our products are sold nationwide.

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