Pllt-Making Process


“In the past, we’ve had a problem with some brands of pellets. They were dusty and all shapes and sizes. Your pellets are extremely clean, uniform in size, and burn quickly.”
Jay & Carol – Crane, MO

Our Product

Wood Pellet Fuel – How Wood Pellets Are Made

  • In order to make wood pellets, we recycle saw dust. Raw material is stored in a totally enclosed 35,000 square foot building. Then, we sort, screen and size the sawdust before it is made into a pellet.
  • During the next step, sawdust is conveyed to the dryer where it is dried at 500 to 600º F in order to remove any excess moisture.
  • After uniformly drying the sawdust, it is then conveyed to the pellet mills where, under extreme pressure, it is formed into a pellet. Each pellet mill uses a 400 hp electric motor to produce extremely high-quality, uniform pellets. Since we do not use additives or plastics, you may wonder how the pellets “stick” together. The natural lignin (which is a natural binding agent made from the tree itself), combined with the high pressure from the pellet mill, holds the pellet together.
  • The newly formed hot pellets (which are now 200ºF) are then conveyed to a cooler where they are cooled to within 5º F of ambient air temperature.
  • After cooling, the pellets are then conveyed to a screener to separate out any dust and fines before bagging to ensure a more complete burn and a safe, clean product for you.
  • Next, the screened pellets are ready to be placed into the bagging line where they will drop into convenient 40 lb. bags. Prior to product going into the bag it passes over one more set of screens with a vacuum system to remove any remaining fines. Our robot, Fanny, then stacks 50 bags onto a pallet.
  • Finally the bags have a black pallet cover placed over them and stretch wrapped to protect the product from the weather.
How We Test Our Products
OHP wood pellets are tested both in our own lab and confirmed by testing at a third party testing facility. Twin Ports, Inc., is an approved testing lab by Pellet Fuels Institute. OHP has added a state of the art pellet testing lab to its facility. Our staff tests diameter of pellet, length, moisture, cubic weight, fines and ash.

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