Pllt-Making Process


“Last year, I carried your pellets in my store, and this year, my customers asked for them by name! I will definitely carry OHP wood pellets in my store from now on. My customers are happy with them and so am I!”
Spavinaw Stove,
Gentry, AR

About Us
Established in 2003, in Purdy, Missouri close to an abundant supply of saw mill residuals (saw dust). The facility successfully produced product for two and a half years, prior to the unfortunate down turn in the housing market. Mid 2005 OHP made the decision to move the plant to Seymour, Missouri. In the third quarter of 2006 we re opened our wood pellet plant in Seymour. This new location still allowed us to utilize saw dust residuals. OHP strives daily to keep local people employed and is very proud to provide 100% natural, American-made products that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective to the end users.

Since 2003 OHP has established a well known name in most major retail farm and home stores and specialty hearth products stores.

Our pellets meet strict pellet standards, and we are members of the Pellet Fuels Institute. Read about the process for making wood pellets, as well as our testing results.

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Call Us Today 417-935-WOOD (9663)

Our modern state of the
art facility features a
robot named Fanny!
Our production team
can produce over 15 truckloads per day.

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